Visual identity for Disainiöö ’21

Work — Disainiöö 2021

Creating a visual identity for XVI Tallinn Design Festival, Disainiöö – the biggest design event in Estonia


Disainiöö MTÜ

Apr–Sept 2021

Research, ideation, graphic design,
print, video, animation

Identity communicates the theme of SOS design

Following the Covid crises, the visual identity for the XVI Tallinn Design Festival was inspired by its theme SOS Design. The festival had a goal to raise awareness of design’s capability to solve many problems the world is facing.

Prior to visual creation I investigated the history of the festival and research on the theme to form a solid knowledge base. I continued to study the examples of crisis

design and analysed the festival’s earlier visual identities as well as several international counterparts to get an overview of the visual style used for this kind of events.

I created six visual concepts, each approaching the topic from a different angle. After discussion with the client, we selected the one named ‘Plant Bed’ due to its unique illustrations.

Designers have the power to make vital products and services user-friendly, effective and available.


Based on the theme, I made a set of illustrations and an animation. These hint to world problems and convey the message of design as a problem solver by using stylized objects. The illustrations gave the festival a unique look, helped to stand out in news feeds and communicate this year’s theme.


In parallel to working on visual concepts, I developed a way to present content. By using tilted rectangles as content containers and space dividers a modular, distinguishable and functional system was created. Other elements of the visual identity include its colours, typography, photo style and the already existing logo.

The impact

The new visual identity was well received and used for all the festival’s visual material, in digital and print. The identity brought novelty and helped to keep the communication effective and recognizable. It strengthened the brand and supported the festival in achieving its goals.

With this project, I had a chance to create visual communication to cover all mediums from signage and a printed catalogue to animated advertisement run on television. It gave me an opportunity to improve my visual skills in practise, see the benefits of a design system and learn about project management.

Kevin Loigu