Rain enjoys empty space.

I deliver messages and
experiences the rational way.

I’m currently studying interaction design at IxD.ma, Estonian Academy of Arts, with an expected graduation date in summer 2025.

My goal is to cultivate the ability to adapt to the changing world and play an active role in driving this change in a positive direction by using design.

I believe a good designer can design anything. I have a strong desire to design various systems, services, or experiences, regardless of the technology or interface.

In 2021, I graduated cum laude from the Media Design program at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences. There, I acquired a diverse skill set in graphic design, motion graphics, and video production. These skills enable me to tackle design challenges with confidence and execute them independently. I have also studied Economics at the University of Tartu (bachelor’s and master’s programs), which equipped me with a business mindset to assess projects’ sustainability.

I take everything very seriously.
Including humorous matters.