Despite his tough appearance, Rain is actually quite friendly.

I make interactions logical and have an advanced skill set in visual design to bring everything to life.


Guiding children by a storytelling thread

Let me introduce you to an exciting service design project we conducted in collaboration with RaRa, the National Library of Estonia.


Emotion-driven redesign for emergency preparedness

Ole valmis! is a an app made to help prepare for emergencies in Estonia. I redesigned the user experience and the interface for its core functionality to increase user engagement and motivation.

Disainiöö 2021


Visual identity for Disainiöö 2021

Tallinn Design Festival, also known as Disainiöö, is the biggest design event in Estonia. I designed its visual identity in 2021.

About me

I am currently studying interaction design at, Estonian Acadamy of Arts. I graduated cum laude from the Media Design program at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences and have a background in economics.